Since time immemorial, heavenly bodies have been a subject of great fascination, study and stories for mankind. Historical evidence, stories and murals from ancient civilizations suggest that the sky has always been an integral part of their life and finds its place in numerous calculations and predictions. For example, as per Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva's son Kartikeya was named on a nakshatra (star) "Kritika" (seven sisters), which is known as "M45" or "Pleiades" in astronomy. Likewise the Mayan Civilization and the Harappa Civilization are known to have a profound knowledge of the sky. There might be misconceptions or superstitions associated with it, nevertheless mankind from the earliest stages of civilization had a fair knowledge of astronomy. Our understanding of the sky has improved as our knowledge in science and technology improved.

This website and its social networking handle (Facebook) contains our journey/ voyage in sky through our instruments and associated accessories. It also contains the experience we have encountered during sky gazing.

"Heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight! But they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night!"

— H. W. Longfellow

CEPHEID OBSERVATORY, INDIA, targets mainly for astro-spectral activities.

Astro Imaging

The most popular wing of Astro field, although used occassionally by us.

Astro Spectroscopy

One of the most used wing of Astro field for scientific purpose.

Astro Photometry

One of the most used wing of Astro field for scientific purpose.


Few sample work carried out by us.

C/2019Y4 ATLAS

Class Comet


Class Comet

SN 2020jfo

Class Supernova

C/2019Y4 (ATLAS)

Class Comet


Class Supernova


Class Comet

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